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Commercial Tower
92 dedicated bays
Floorplates 1,000m2
Break-out spaces
Extensive fresh food
and dining amenity
Premium building
services at 1:10
Multiple breakout zones
Best in class End of Trip
one west village

Set to be positioned on a premium corner, One West Village will offer direct access from Mollison Street with its own corporate address including signage and siteline opportunities.Designed to be West Village’s largest commercial building, the 20,000sqm One West Village, will boast presence and architectural appeal.

The building will feature a distinctive façade that delivers maximum natural light penetration and sub-tropical greenery elements throughout various podium gardens and rooftop terraces.

Stunning parkland and sweeping CBD views accompany each floor, with workspace ratios to accommodate one person per 8m², with 46% of the floorplate within 6 metres of a source of light, and of the remaining areas, 80% are no further than 12 metres. Maximising building comfort and efficiency, each floor has been designed to achieve a workspace ratio to accommodate one person per 8m², including stairs and lifts.

The side-core configuration will ensure highly efficient office accommodation, that will maximise-flexible working conditions and floor inter-connectivity via stair-bridges and building voids.

Staff and visitors will be able to easily identify the building and have ease of access to the basement car park entry, set to be located directly adjacent to the building’s corporate entry. The West Village retail amenity will subtly connect the surrounding podium with the building via lifts and escalators, and connect the ground floor arcade to 185 basement car parks via the building’s foyer and lift core.

In addition, the north-facing rooftop deck will provide flexible space that can cater to high profile events and signature celebrations, through to smaller lunchtime board meetings with spectacular CBD views.

Health and wellness will be at the forefront of this commercial offering, with:
  • Outdoor meeting nooks amongst urban forests
  • Touchless entry and secure access points
  • Access to morning and lunchtime yoga classes in The Common
  • End-of-trip facilities to encourage active commutes to work
  • Rooftop and terrace meeting areas for Vitamin D and fresh air
  • Goodlife Health Clubs gymnasium just 50 metres away
  • Lush landscaping to create a comfortable microclimate by reducing the urban heat island effect
  • Proposed health and wellness centre on the lower level
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