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ISSUE four – winter

Our need for connection and community is front and centre of our lives as we adjust to different ways of living and being. Much of our interaction has necessarily shifted online and so too has life in West Village. Join us as we seek to stay connected to our friends, family and fellow villagers.  

Arts and culture play such an important role in our lives, particularly in nourishing our mental and emotional health. West Village has continued its support for the performing arts in this critical time and is thrilled to announce a brand new cultural partnership with Opera Queensland. Our last issue unveiled a big move in the Brisbane art scene – veteran institution Metro Arts are relocating to West Village! We look forward to their doors opening in September. In this issue, they introduce us to their Produced Artist, interdisciplinary collective Counterpilot. The work of Brisbane creatives Dead Puppet Society also features in this issue, check out the behind-the-scenes video for a sneak peek. 

Village BEES was a month-long celebration of bees, which culminated in World Bee Day on May 20th. Learn all about these fascinating insects, discover how to attract bees and butterflies to your garden and get an exclusive preview of the bee-centric sculpture coming to The Common. 

We share some helpful tips for fostering wellbeing and neighbourhood business Doggy Day Care Brisbane tells us how we can do the same for our furry friends. Local stylist Laura Churchill joins us again and reveals the meaningful ways in which Brisbane’s fashion innovators are progressing towards sustainability. 

The King has arrived! We welcome Shawarma King to The Garden Pantry and delight in their authentic Lebanese cuisine. Please go and say hello when you’re next passing. 

Keeping our community safe is of paramount importance to all who live, work and visit West Village. We hope this issue finds you and your family in good health, please stay safe and look out for your neighbours.

THIS season
village bees
dog days

opera queensland

We honour the humble bee for their critical role in our village and around the world.
A HIVE OF ACTIVITY Learn all about bees, their homes, behaviour, and honey production through this series of educational workshops. Jack, the entrepreneurial apiarist behind urban beekeeping company Bee One Third, introduces us to the world of bees and conducts live-streamed tours of both native and rooftop beehives. Learn how to build a ‘Bee and Bug House’ and how to make ‘Bee Seed Balls’. Visit Village Bees for all workshops and tutorials.

  • Well-nourished bee hives = an abundance of honey.
  • Hives are hierarchical structures with designated roles.
  • Worker bees make up 99% of the colony’s population.
  • Drone bees are tasked with genetic diversification – spreading the hive’s genes in the local ecosystem.
  • Queen bees can lay up to 2500 eggs daily!
  • The matriarchal head can live up to four years.
  • Bee colonies can revolt against their queen bee, dethroning her at any point if they feel she is underperforming.
  • Spring is the season that most excites bees but they are actually busiest during summer.
  • Hives go for group flights at 10:30am and 2:30pm, daily – lookout for swarms during these times!
  • There are over 2,000 species of native bees in Australia!

Village Kitchen presents ‘Cooking with Honey’ – a series celebrating this powerful ingredient. Filmed in one of our stunning Arcadia residence kitchens, and featuring celebrity chef Matt Golinski, Village Kitchen shares sweet and savoury recipes with honey as the hero ingredient.
Watch now here.

Watch the delightful Amelia in our West Village Gardener series, as she provides tips for attracting bees and butterflies into your garden.
Click here to watch her tutorials or her in-depth planting guide.

Parents looking for new activities to teach and entertain – Creative Kids Brisbane have got you covered! Bee, butterfly and dedicated nature activities are uploaded daily. 
For more bee arts and craft please visit Creative Kids ONLINE.

Visual theatre company and production design house Dead Puppet Society have crafted a kinetic sculpture just for West Village!
Get a sneak peek of the HIVE MIND installation here.

To find out more or to stay up-to-date with our resident busy bees, Visit Village Bees
Follow us on Facebook or YouTube and sign up to the West Village newsletter here.

Dead Puppet Society
Honouring our Village Bees
through kinetic sculpture.

To acknowledge the presence and value of some of the smallest residents in our urban ecosystem we commissioned international artists Dead Puppet Society to craft an installation in the parkland heart of our village. Dead Puppet Society’s Hive Mind installation is a biomimetic sculpture that will be installed in The Common from Saturday, 27 June until Friday, 17 July 2020.  

Dead Puppet Society is a theatre company and design house creating deeply imaginative visual-theatre in Australia and the United States. Founded by David Morton and Nicholas Paine in 2009, Dead Puppet Society’s work unites an old world aesthetic with cutting edge technical elements to conjur immersive worlds. Dead Puppet Society’s acclaimed creativity and craftsmanship extend beyond the domain of the stage and into the public realm with sculptural works that enliven spaces through movement and motion. The Hive Mind installation is a precisely engineered mobile that moves with the power of wind, emulating and amplifying the biomechanical beauty of the bee. Encapsulating the purpose and autonomy of nature’s primary pollinators, Hive Mind upscales their presence in an active and engaging sculpture that foregrounds our appreciation for their role in our environment.   

We invite you to pay homage to bees and experience this larger-than-life tribute in person in The Common, from Saturday, 27 June until Friday, 17 July 2020.

Meet our

The West Village community was excited to welcome another foodie to the neighbourhood earlier this year!
Meet Andrew.

A passionate entertainer, Andrew enjoys cooking for his friends and being able to unwind after a busy week with a cold beverage in our rooftop terrace, where picturesque sunsets often await. He’s a fan of exploring new and interesting cuisines, and he’s found plenty of exciting options in West End!
When he’s not busy working in the healthcare industry, Andrew relishes in taking a sunrise jog along one of the many scenic pathways along the Brisbane River, and looks forward to attending unique village events.

“Every day I like to wake up to expect the positively unexpected…and I know that’s what’s being delivered every day at West Village,” Andrew said.

You’ll find Andrew featured on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Stay tuned as we profile more of our lovely residents over the coming months!

A sense of community and a world of opportunities awaits you. Explore our beautiful new apartments today –
call 1300 985 465 or visit arcadiawestvillage.com.au
to book a private appointment.


Doggy Day Care Brisbane is a day care, grooming parlour and retail boutique located at 8 Mollison Street, West End, a 5 minute walk from West Village. Doggy Day Care Brisbane was established to meet the particular needs of dogs living in higher-density residential environments. They remain open and fully operational (with additional hygiene measures in place) so jump online to book your grooming appointment or discounted day care trial. Give them a call on 0402 496 890 if you’d prefer to set up your profile or make bookings over the phone. Stop by the shop 6.30am – 9am and 3pm – 6.30pm Monday to Friday to pick up enrichment toys, healthy treats, poo bags and cute accessories.

In this challenging time of social distancing, spending time outdoors, getting fresh air, and feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin is even more important to our health and wellbeing, and that goes for our dogs too. Local business Doggy Day Care Brisbane share their advice for dog-friendly urban living in the inner South West.

Finding the motivation to get moving might be hard right now and if exercise and the longing looks from your four-legged friends aren’t enough, regular walks are an opportunity to:

  • Explore the streets around you – it’s amazing what you can discover!
  • Continue your support for local businesses by grabbing a coffee to-go.
  • Connect to yourself, your dog, your neighbourhood and your community.
  • Meet and greet your neighbours (from a safe distance).
  • Practice your lead walking.


1. Enrichment, Enrichment, Enrichment!

Dogs need a job, no matter how cute or little they are. Dogs were born and bred to do something. It is important to understand what your dog was originally bred to do as this will give you some clues as to what enrichment (stimulation / engagement) they need. Enrichment is vital to keeping your dog entertained and learning, and is especially useful when you need to leave the apartment.

  • Licki mats, snuffle mats, Kong-like toys, enrichment ropes (that you can put treats / vegetables in) and slow feeders.

2. Leave Them Alone
Excessive barking is often symptomatic of separation anxiety, a situation that can be distressing for yourself, your dog, and your neighbours. Supporting your dogs to build confidence and resilience is key to them adapting to apartment life. Whilst many of us are working from home at the moment we can still help our dogs to be confident in being alone. We suggest starting with short trips away from them and then gradually increase your time away:

  • Exit the apartment and walk up and down the hallway approximately 5 times a day.
  • Grab your morning coffee without them.
  • Go for a walk without them.

3. Doggy Day Care
Our dogs are probably loving having us home so much right now but they also need a place away from us to just be a dog. They need a group of fur friends to learn with and have fun with and will also benefit from having a routine. Doggy Day Care provides a safe place for your loved one to go each week in which they can develop independence, build confidence, test boundaries, and socialise all under the supervision of professionals. As a bonus, they come home super sleepy and ready for cuddles!

4. Eat Well, Live Well
A high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet supports your dog’s immunity which is especially important for city-dwelling pups. You can also enhance your dog’s engagement with food by turning meal times into a learning experience. The easiest way to do this is to vary how they receive food – not just in a bowl. This is where feeding tools like slow feeders and licki mats come in handy. Be sure to reward them with a mixture of high-quality treats, veggies and fruit. Dogs love having fresh goodies to munch on a whole carrot = fun times and great teeth cleaning!

5. Training
Do you tend to get bored if you aren’t challenged? So do dogs! Dogs love learning, and training is a great way to bond with your dog. Training is also vitally important if you have young, elderly or physically-challenged members of your household. Teach them the basics:

  • Rollover.
  • Waiting for food (increase distance as they get better).
  • Greeting people appropriately as they enter the home.

Make time in your routine each week to train with your dog and if you are looking for inspiration or techniques, YouTube is a great resource.

New conversations in sustainable fashion.

Director Brisbane Fashion Month

Made with
Sustainability in fashion has gone from a side conversation to being part of the everyday dialogue. Consideration of how fashion impacts the planet is now such an integral part of every major brand, thanks in large part to a more educated consumer demanding more transparency in the area.

Molten Store owner Jessy Cameron

Molten Store jewellery

With the change has come a second wave of thought around how we can consume with as little footprint as possible. Combine this with the current global pandemic and even more mindfulness around consumption and it’s a great time to look at what brands are doing locally to really take the conversation around sustainability in fashion to the next level. Sustainable fashion advocate Brittanie Dreghorn says her website Britt’s List has seen a huge spike in traffic in recent weeks from people searching for sustainable sleepwear, activewear and underwear – the trio of #stayathome wardrobe staples.

“I think at the moment people have more time to think about what they’re buying, so they’re taking the time to research and shop from brands they love,” says Britt.

“This is different to our normal shopping habits where we buy reactively because we see an item in a retail environment. This is a big opportunity for brands to grow their audiences and create genuine relationships, and they can capitalise on it by sharing their values and brand stories at this time rather than just promoting price and product.”

Brisbane underwear brand Nico has long led the charge for beautiful and ethical underwear, using fibres such as organic and recycled cotton, and recycled nylon for swimwear, which is just one alternative to polyester, a petroleum-based polymer. Sisters Kate Russel and Chloe Rowe are behind Brisbane label Jericho Road which has also recently launched swimwear utilising an innovative fabric called Repreve, by a US-based company producing textiles from recycled plastic bottles. More than 14 billion plastic bottles have been recycled by the parent company of Repreve, which is now utilised by hundreds of clothing companies worldwide.

“Sustainability is something that comes fairly naturally for us,” says Kate.

“If you can make something better with less impact then why not do it. Since we launched, all of our packaging has been recyclable and compostable and we’re thinking all the time about how we can improve. For every order placed online we plant a tree somewhere in the world, through the program One Tree Planted.”

Jewellery can make inroads in this space, too. Molten Store managing director and Brisbane entrepreneur Jessy Cameron has recently pivoted the brand to offer refurbished vintage, as well as new pieces crafted from reclaimed stones and metals.

Alice Nightingale on the runway at Brisbane Fashion Month, photo: Sharleen Christie

Brittanie Dreghorn 

“I set about redefining the kind of products we want to offer to the world,” says Jessy. 

“We phased out costume jewellery, repositioning our brand as a leader in sustainable jewellery production. Plus – we launched a gold swap initiative late last year that lets customers swap their old jewellery for 100 percent of its gold value in store credit. Our gold swap initiative, called Gilt Free, lets customers actively participate in our circular supply chain. Refurbishing existing jewellery, rather than manufacturing anew, reduces the carbon footprints of the pieces themselves and also reduces the demand for newly mined materials.”

Britt says it’s encouraging to see brands making conscious and constant improvements to their sustainable fashion credentials.

“It’s great to see brands going on that journey – starting with transparency and then improving sustainability at each step of the supply chain,” she says. We’re also seeing more availability in made to measure clothing (such as Brisbane’s Isabella Longginou), a take-up in more sustainable fabrics such as locally-sourced and processed cotton, and recycled or vintage fabrics. Brands such as Obus Clothing are also introducing a buy back or swap system to help extend the lifetime of their garments and reduce waste to landfill.”

Jericho Road too is in the process of launching JRC Revolve, which will encourage their customers to sell pieces amongst themselves by posting their preloved pieces to Instagram with the hashtag #jrcrevolve.

“The idea came about because people were asking for old pieces and we didn’t have any but we do say a lot check eBay, check Facebook marketplace, but it just makes sense to encourage our customers to sell their old pieces themselves,” says Chloe.

Fashion is a sustainability conversation-starter. Brisbane Fashion Month debuted sustainable fashion walking tours and a slow fashion runway on the 2019 schedule and will continue to offer dedicated sustainable fashion inclusions as part of the annual program. Consumers are calling for it.

Brands are gaining insight and ideas from their customers as much as they’re initiating them, and are even realising changes in their homelives as a result.

“For a lot of people, the more you do talk about it the more people are questioning what you’re doing and I think that’s a way for people to learn,” says Chloe.

“Personally, we made so many changes.”

Shop from the Queensland brands featured in this article and support their work in the sustainable fashion space.


Find out more at brisbanefashionmonth.com.au

Jericho Road

“We have always understood the role music and singing plays in bringing people together. These experiences strengthen the bonds between us and help us deal with the challenges and complexities of life as well as making us aware of how important it is to appreciate what is beautiful in our lives.”

Opera Queensland Artistic Director & CEO
Patrick Nolan

Opera Queensland
enchants and inspires the village

In early April West Village announced their newest cultural partnership with esteemed arts organisation Opera Queensland. The partnership emerged from a successful performance by Opera Queensland that took place in the beautiful parkland at the heart of West Village. Carols in the Common in December last year was so well received that West Village and Opera Queensland collaborated to facilitate a year-long enrichment program for villagers and the wider community. Opera Queensland Artistic Director & CEO Patrick Nolan said the initiative will elevate the arts, enhance living experiences and cultivate community creation. 

“The recent lockdown measures have significantly impacted how the arts industry operates – so many engagements have been cancelled or postponed. This has been difficult as it is in times of upheaval that we need art, performance, and music to reflect our shared human experience and connect us with each other. 

Opera Queensland and West Village are aware of the key role that the Arts plays in nurturing wellbeing and uniting the community, especially as we face the challenges of isolation and restriction,” said Mr Nolan.

Navigating the social limitations at the time, West Village and Opera Queensland adapted the delivery of the live performance of their Easter program, A Weekend with Opera Queensland, by offering it to the community via their YouTube channel. Set in and around The Common, A Weekend with Opera Queensland is a series of filmed operatic performances that were released daily over the Easter long weekend. Featuring iconic pieces sung by Queensland’s brightest opera stars, the series offered the perfect opportunity to share the joy and hope embodied in their uplifting performances and bring opera directly into people’s homes. 

West Village and Opera Queensland are delighted to make opera  accessible to audiences through this partnership and look forward to providing a suite of creative performances catering to diverse audiences. Stay tuned as Opera Queensland’s special artistic experiences extends to children for the school holidays.

The exquisite A Weekend with Opera Queensland performances are still available to watch here. They’re sure to give you goose bumps

To learn more about Opera Queensland
visit their website HERE

5 Healthy

A healthy habit is any behaviour that benefits
your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Little changes can have a big impact over time – it’s never too late to try something new or make tweaks to your routine. Here are five areas of focus with tips to help improve your overall well being and make you feel good.

Planning your meals for the week aims to reduce time, money, stress and importantly, food waste, by consolidating your decision making and minimising the number of times you need to go to the shops.

  • Make a regular time to sit down and map out your week.
  • Shop your pantry and freezer and then supplement from the supermarket.
  • If you are struggling for inspiration:
    • Try making one new meal a week.
    • Pull out your cookbooks.
    • YouTube and Pinterest have a wealth of recipes.

Adequate hydration is vital to our body’s functioning. It aids in digestion, respiration, maintaining blood pressure, regulating body temperature and so much more. Better functioning = better feeling. Read More

  • Track your water intake to see how much you’re actually drinking.
  • Take a full bottle with you every time you leave the house.
  • If you don’t enjoy drinking water try low sugar additives such as citrus, cucumber, cold tea infusions, or electrolyte effervescent tablets.

Movement is essential for keeping our bodies in good condition. Movement is not only important for our physical health, it also supports mental health. Read More

Include strength training and exercise that increases heart-rate in your workout to help prevent osteoarthritis, trade fat for muscle mass and promote heart health. Read More

  • Find a time of day that works for you. Not an early riser? Perhaps you prefer evening.
  • Squeeze it in whenever you can – 10 minutes here and there will still make a difference to your wellbeing
  • Going to the gym isn’t for everyone. Try hiking, yoga, swimming or even dancing!
  • If you are starting out and doing it alone feels daunting – find a partner to join you.

Setting boundaries around screen time can allow your eyes and mind a much-needed break. Taking time away from the screen will provide you a chance to read, move or focus on your hobbies.

  • Set a log off time as part of your nightly routine.
  • Have set screen-free periods, such as at dinner time.
  • Use device and app settings to set alerts when you’ve reached desired time limits.

Mindfulness is a means to be present, to connect to ourselves, to ground us and to foster self-awareness. Mindfulness helps us to be calm, regulate our emotions, manage our stress and find the space between our thoughts and our actions. Read More

Find a time in your day that suits mindfulness practice – perhaps as soon as you wake up or before you go to sleep – even set a reminder – and for a couple of minutes try to quiet your mind.

Mindfulness can have many forms. You can:

  • Observe your breath. Even just a count to 10 – in on 1, out on 2, in on 3 out on 4 – is a simple way to be aware of your natural rhythm.
  • Connect with your senses – pause to take in the smell of your coffee, the cool of the water running over your hands, the light of the sun, the sound of the birds.
  • Use a meditation app and start with a short 5 or 10 minute guided session.
Now is the perfect time to attract bees and butterflies into your garden.
May was Bee Month at West Village! In celebration of World Bee Day on May 20th, West Village’s Resident Gardener has put together a guide for nurturing nature’s most valuable insect.  You may have noticed an influx of butterflies travelling through Queensland over the last few months. This is a result of all the much-needed rain following the horrific drought and fires we experienced. To support our bee and butterfly populations to replenish, we need to provide them with as much food and nutrients as possible. The horticultural design at West Village reflects our environmental commitment through an integration of selected bee, butterfly and bird attracting plants and trees that work cohesively to increase biodiversity and naturally manage pests.
your garden

Flowers = Food
These flowering plants will not only create moments of beauty in your garden but offer nourishment to bees and butterflies.

  • Suits most styles or sizes of garden and is great in pots or hanging baskets.
  • Many colours and varieties.
  • Are a fantastic signal to insect life and
Sometimes called Dipladenia
  • A beautiful climbing plant. 
  • Comes in many different colours. 
  • Easy to grow and care for.
  • Loves the sun.
  • Low maintenance and drought tolerant. 
  • Long-lasting blooms provide year-round colour to any garden.
Commonly known as ‘Bottle Brush’
  • Stunning and versatile native.
  • Range in size from ground covers, shrubs to trees.
  • Once established they are adaptable to drought conditions.
  • Can tolerate a range of soil types.
  • Bright range of colours to choose from. 
  • Best bought as seeds and sown directly where they are to grow.
  • Cut off the old flowers (deadheading) to encourage year-round flowering.
  • A great trailing plant to complement other taller growing flowering shrubs.
  • The vibrant colour works well in pots and containers.
  • Benefits from regular pruning.
  • Beautiful scented plant with vibrant purple flowers.
  • Timeless style perfect for pots or as hedging
  • Requires a spot with at least 6 hours of direct sun each day.
  • Small pink-purple flowers which are visible for most of the year
  • Regularly prune to encourage new growth and maintain shape.
  • Attracts birds as well as butterflies and bees.
  • Plant now in time for winter blooms.
  • Many colours and varieties.
  • Needs full sun.

A good leaf is a chewed leaf! Try not to use pesticides or chemicals while plants are flowering as these will deter butterflies and bees and could possibly harm them.

Research what butterflies are native to your area and incorporate plants that attract these species into your garden.


Metro Arts and techno-troublemakers Counterpilot
– a match made in counter-culture heaven

With Metro Arts on track to open at West Village in September this year, we thought we would give some insight into some of the behind-the-scenes work.

Alongside its annual performance and visual art programs, Metro Arts has a Produced Artist Program in which Metro Arts collaborates closely with a number of independent performance artists; spanning multiple years, projects and partnerships. These are bespoke relationships tailored to the needs of the individual artists or companies.

We spoke to Nathan Sibthorpe, director of performance collective Counterpilot and one of Metro Arts’ Produced Artists, to see how this relationship plays out. 

Who is Counterpilot?
Counterpilot is a collective of performance-makers. We create interactive transmedia performance, using rich technical design and dynamic theatricality. We like to refer to ourselves as techno-troublemakers, meaning that we use technology to shake things up and cause a stir. Some of our projects look more like dubious social experiments than works of theatre.

How does Counterpilot create work? What’s your process?
Our process is reinvented for every project, depending on what we’re playing with and who we might need to make it work. But there are some recurring principles that see us through. We always start open and broad. We’re fiercely collaborative. We work iteratively. Research and development are allowed to distract, interrupt, flip the table on what we’re doing. Trial and error only work if we allow for the errors to happen – breaking things is sometimes necessary. We hack together and repurpose existing tools, rather than always buying the top-shelf solution or seeking to invent something from scratch. We aim to surprise – ourselves before our audiences. We find answers by doing.

What are you currently working on?
This is a strange period for theatre artists, but we’ve just started work on five new projects to keep us busy while live performance is on hold. We’re kicking around all sorts of ideas based on what we’ve made together before and what’s been occupying our minds lately. The first stage of any project is often the most exciting because it’s all blue skies and anything could happen. 

The first of these projects is directly influenced by the pandemic. AVOIDABLE PERILS is a simple game played in public space. It asks passers-by to contribute small acts of collaboration in order to prevent an impending calamity. We’re interested in how strategies like social distancing and tracing apps require large-scale simple participation in order to work – and how that reflects our attempts at activism in the attention economy.

What did 2020 look like pre-COVID-19 for Counterpilot?  What had you already done and what was on the horizon? 
At the start of 2020, we were on a bit of a roll. We had just presented our 200th performance of Truthmachine at Sydney Festival, after receiving a slew of awards throughout 2019. We had 5 further touring seasons of Truthmachine pencilled into the calendar, including our first ever international season in Hong Kong. We had begun work on a new project, ADRIFT, which was accepted into the competitive residency program hosted by Bundanon Trust.

Of course, the world is in a very different place now, so a lot of these conversations have been put on hold and all of our tours have been indefinitely postponed. But we’re doing our best to keep busy so that we don’t lose our momentum!

How does Metro Arts support Counterpilot?
Metro Arts enables our practice. Aside from the practical support, they are also a constant encouragement and a reassuring source of advice and strategy. We work best when we can be the artists, focusing on the art and keeping that in the forefront of our process. Metro Arts empowers us to do this by always having our backs as producing partners – answering the questions that we can’t and supporting the business side of our operations with a sense of generosity and an understanding (they get us!).

I greatly appreciate my Metro Arts family, not just because of the favours they do for me, but because of the ideas and values they represent. Metro Arts stands for art in our community – for its value, its importance, its urgency. And not just any art, but art that is rigorous, contemporary, bold, experimental, personal AND political, restless and joyful – these values produce the art that makes me feel alive, and enriches our cultural realities. Jo Thomas is a bold thinker with ballsy commitment to reinvention. I’m proud to be affiliated with Metro Arts because I’m proud to be a part of these values. And not just in theory – to see them put into practice, time and time again.

What excites you about Metro Arts’ move to West Village? 
Metro Arts has always stood for art that interrogates, reinvents, and refuses to take things for granted. So, it’s exciting to see Metro Arts reinvent itself in a time when the world is changing rapidly and we’re all ready for some fresh beginnings.

I’m also excited about Metro Arts cementing its place within a new vibrant community, shaping the cultural heart for a larger Brisbane destination. Metro has always made for a good night out, but with the added forces of West Village’s lifestyle precinct, I hope we’re able to take a lot more people out with us.

So there you have it.  We bet you didn’t know that Metro Arts offers extensive creative and producing support, seeing projects through from first concept to creative development, from world premiere presentation to national and international touring. Now the countdown is on… see you in September West Village!

ART STARTS HERE @ Metro Arts. 

In other exciting news – Metro Arts CEO and Artistic Director, Jo Thomas, is the winner of the 2020 Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award for Queensland, having also won the For Purpose and Social Enterprise category. 

Ms Thomas has guided Metro Arts through a period of once-in-a-generation change over the past three years, which has culminated in the organisation’s move to West Village. 

Congrats Jo!

A Taste of Beruit
has arrived!

We are delighted to reveal that a taste of Beirut will evolve from Shawarma King into a bar and restaurant called Beirut Bazaar that will open in West Village next year!

Having established a cult following with his former venture Little Beirut (Indooroopilly), Shawarma King founder Andre Samra was delighted to join the parkside eatery – The Garden Pantry.

Andre inherited his father’s passion for food and wants to pass on his legacy of traditional Lebanese cuisine to the next generation. Andre’s daughter Vanessa is co-captain of this exciting new endeavour and together they bring their enthusiasm for sharing Levantine food and hospitality to West Village’s casual dining hub.

The art of Lebanese food, taking humble ingredients and elevating them, has been refined over 5,000 years. Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world and its flavour profile is carried across the globe in the hearts and minds of its people. Bringing a taste of Beirut to our village, Shawarma King is right at home in the Boundary Street Precinct, the culinary heart of West End. Although shawarma is one of the most popular street foods in the world, Andre feels the broad understanding of shawarma isn’t as authentic as it could be. Shawarma King has an overarching goal – to introduce villagers and the wider community to real shawarma: fillets of beef, chicken or lamb marinated for 40 hours in the traditional trio of middle eastern spices – cumin, sumac and coriander.

Whist shawarma will draw you in, a core part of mediterranean food is banging veggie dishes and sides and Shawarma King more than delivers. Devour delicious za’atar topped pitas, creamy hummus, house-made falafel, classic fattoush, zesty fatayer and fragrant rice. Put picnicking in The Common on your post-quarantine to-do list and accompany your meal with take-away Almaza (Lebanese beer) or raki (pomace brandy). Whilst you may think Shawarma King is only here for the lunch and dinner crowd, a menu highlight is their contemporary take on the breakfast pizza – with minced lamb sujuk (spicy sausage), egg and cheese on a Napoli sauce base. However, if all you need is coffee in the mornings, their Veneziano Coffee will hit the spot.

Lebanese food is made for sharing – you’ll want to gather the whole family and craft yourselves a banquet from Shawarma King’s extensive menu. Wholesome, filling, delicious and with so much variety, you’ll be feasting like kings.

shawarma king
Traditional Lebanese food – Shawarma King

7.30am – 10.30am daily

Lunch & Dinner
10.30am – 9pm daily

cheeky poké bar
It’s poke to be a lil’ cheeky. – Cheeky Poke
Lunch & Dinner
11am – 9pm daily
mr. bunz
Buns are love, buns are life. – Mr. Bunz
Lunch & Dinner
11am – 9pm daily
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