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Rosemary Anzac Wreath
  • White A4 card
  • Acrylic paint shades of red and black
  • Brush
  • Water bowl
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Rosemary and or garden foliage
  • Metal coat hanger
Step 1

Start by drawing the poppies onto the white card and paint using the acrylic paint. Set aside to dry.

Step 2

The metal coat hanger is going to be the base that we will be building our wreath on. The coat hanger should be flexible enough to shape into a circle shape, leaving the hook part as it is at the top.

Step 3

Take a ball of string and wrap this around the coat hanger slightly loosely.  Take the rosemary and foliage and place around the circle roughly where you want it to go. When you’re happy with the foliage positioning, start poking the stems in between the wrapped string. You may want to wrap extra string over the top of the foliage stems to firmly hold them in place.

Step 4

Now the poppies are dry, cut them out and put a hole in the centre of each one with your hole punch.

Step 5

Thread the string onto them and place them in and around the wreath. Play around with your design and positions of the poppies before tying them in.

Step 6

Now the wreath is ready to be hung. Enjoy the lovely aroma of rosemary in your home or at your front door. 

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