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Funny Cup Bunny Activity
  • Two white paper cups

  • White and pink A6 card

  • Black marker

  • Lead pencil

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Step 1

On one of the cups draw with a lead pencil a rough face shape. Cut the face shape out, to leave a hole. The best way to start the cut is to make a few holes with a hole punch, or pencil to get the scissors in to start the cutting. 

Step 2

Put cup aside. On the white card draw the bunnies ears and feet. Draw the inside of the ears and the bunnies feet pads on the pink card.

Step 3

Cut the shapes out and glue the white and pink parts together.
Put aside and let dry.

Step 4

On the second cup draw in pencil or marker four different mood faces around the cup, for example happy, surprised, grumpy and sleepy. These little faces will take turns peering through the cut out window on the other cup when places inside of each other. The idea is to turn the cup around and change facial expressions.

Step 5

Glue the feet and ears onto the cup with the cut out window on it. Slide the the mood cup bunny inside this one. Your bunny is completed! 

Step 6

If you have some cotton balls at home, you can add a cotton tail to the back of the cup. Enjoy!

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