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Cute Egg Carton Fox
  • 3 x Egg carton spikes
  • Scissors
  • Watercolours or acrylic paint (orange & white)
  • Water bowl
  • Paint brush
  • Black pen
  • PVA glue or glue gun
Step 1

Cut 2 full spikes off your egg carton, and 1 slightly smaller one.

Step 2

BODY: At the base of one of the large egg carton spikes cut a small triangle out of one of the edges, then cut another triangle out from the opposite side. This will be the body of the fox. (This spike is on the far left of the picture)


HEAD: On the second large egg carton spike, cut a small triangle out from the base of the spike, on the opposite side cut a slightly larger triangle out, then cut on either side of that triangle a smaller triangle piece. This will be the foxes face. (This spike is in the middle of the picture)


TAIL: For the smaller egg carton spike, cut it almost in half from the top of the egg carton spike straight down the middle. Curve the wider end of the spike to look like a tail. (This spike is on the far right of the picture)

Step 3

Now you can piece your fox together. Stand the body of the fox up so that the egg carton spike is pointing upwards to the roof, then rest the foxes head on one side of the body spike. The smaller triangle edge will be the base of the foxes head and chin. The two larger flaps will be the foxes ears. Fold them forwards a bit so they point upwards more.

You many need to flatten the tail piece a little, then balance it near the back legs of the fox. 

If some bits don’t quite fit you may need to trim them down. Glue everything together with PVA glue, or if you have a glue gun that will be even better.

Step 4

Paint pink inside both mouths, and around the outside edge as lips. Paint circle eyes on as well, pain moth shape.

Step 5

Once the glue has dried, paint your fox. Paint white on the following areas: ears, eye area, chest, paws and the end of her tail. Paint orange everywhere else. 

Step 6

Once your fox is dry, draw two curved closed eye shapes and colour in the black nose with a pen. Your fox is ready to play with. Make her some fox friends or other egg carton animals using your imagination. 

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