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community and partnerships
Our Community and History
community and partnerships
Embracing a culturally rich community
The Bromley Room No.2

Bromley & Co, led by husband and wife duo David Bromley and Yuge Yu, have brought their renowned artistry and originality to Brisbane’s most unique gallery and functions venue.

Housed within the heritage-listed Peters Ice Cream Factory, the space showcases Bromley’s well-known works, including collaborations with other well-known and local artists. As well as an unforgettable functions space. The Bromley Room #2 provides a playful escape from the every day, where you can lose yourself in colourful and quirky artwork.

Fleur Hartigan

Fleur Hartigan is the creative force behind Fleur Hartigan Design and West Village’s Curator of Space. Fleur was given free rein to transform the display suite and the public spaces of West Village’s first two buildings. Park and Lexington, into showcases of real village living.

In West Village’s developer, Sekisui House, Fleur has found a kindred spirit that mirrors her commitment to creating homes, not places.

Bee One Third –
Neighbourhood Honey

West Village has partnered with Bee One Third to improve biodiversity through urban beehives. The community introduced four new beehives in 2018.

Neighbourhood Honey is an urban and regional beekeeping organisation striving to increase local bee populations within the metropolitan and rural fringe areas. Reconnecting communities with the reality of what pollinators do for our food system, our health, and our overall well-being is its mission, and, like West Village, environmental consciousness is one of its key values.


GoGet CarShare is a car-sharing service, and the first of its kind in Australia, with locations across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Upon completion, West Village will host Australia’s largest GOGet pod, with ten car share vehicles located within the commercial public carpark.

State Library
Placemaking Fellowship

We’ve partnered with the State Library of Queensland for their Placemaking Fellowship. The program offers writers, researchers, historians and creatives the opportunity to uncover the hidden stories around Queensland’s heritage sites as part of the Queensland Memory Awards.

Throughout 2019 the focus is Queensland’s Ice Cream History, exploring Brisbane’s beloved Peters Ice Cream Factory and the unique people, products and stories behind the iconic brand.

site history
A rich history at the heart of a
contemporary community.

Peter's Ice Cream
is Established

Peters' Artic Delivery Company Ltd became the trading name for the Queensland Operation. A new factory was needed and a site was aquired in Boundary Street, South Brisbane. The company boasted that here it would build a factory, one of the best of it's kind in the world.


Eric Boden Architect, called for tenders for Peters' Ice Cream Factory with Richard Wildridge and Co. of Sydney being the successful tenderers.


Ice cream cone factory began construction.

Administration and Research & Development building built


Peters ice cream factory closure


Partnered with State Library on Placemaking Fellowship.

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